About Us

 Dr. Adolfo E. Teran is a graduate of Nicaraguan Autonomic National University in Leon, Nicaragua in 1997. Upon completion, Dr. Teran was granted a degree in a doctor of medicine and surgery. Dr. Teran pursued his dream to become a physician in the United States and during residency at Texas Tech University at El Paso , Texas, he was strongly involved in smoking cessation in which he was awarded a research award in 2007. He was also involved in helping the community of El Paso by seeing poor and uninsured patients for free and was awarded for his community service in 2006. He completed residency in 2007 and moved to central Florida and worked in the area since then doing outpatient primary care and urgent care.

Ardiana M. Teran RN,MSN,CPNP received her bachelor in nursing from University of Texas EL Paso in 2006. After graduation, Ardiana started working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in El Paso, Tx. After one year completion , she moved to central Florida with her husband, Dr. Adolfo Teran and started working once again in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Level III at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Due to passion of healthcare and children she continued her education at University of South Florida to fulfill her goal as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the state of Florida. Ardiana is passionate regarding educating children and their parents on positive health choices which will impact their future and health.
One positive attribute about Ardiana is that she has a way of communicating with children at their level to make the experience of visiting the doctor’s office less traumatic.



Mission Statement

Orange Doc Family Medicine’s mission is to deliver outstanding, compassionate and trustworthy medical care to all ages in the Clermont and South Lake County area, by focusing on the four principles of access, interaction, reliability and vitality.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to capture a small town doctor’s office feel in the midst of the city. This will lead to less patient confusion, a positive patient- physician/provider relationship, patient satisfaction and compliance, more confidence in the medicine practiced and a healthier community.

Values Statement

Orange Doc Family Medicine desires to provide a safe, pleasant work environment that fosters health for both employees, patients and the community. By focusing on individual patient needs and to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Executive Summary

Orange Doc Family Medicine will focus on preventive, medical care along with management of disease processes in a variety of ages in the City of Clermont. This will be accomplished using the most efficient approach, by reducing the overhead cost and allowing the patient-physician/provider relationship to flourish. Patients will be satisfied and their medical issues will be addressed in a timely manner. Patients will have access to the physician/ provider in a timely manner and have access to their health records via the online portal. Exceptional continuity of care will be provided by use of high technology thus lowering overhead and increasing patient satisfaction along with increasing face-face time.


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