Our Family

Dr. Adolfo Teran began dating Ardiana Teran in 1999 in sunny South Florida. Their relationship flourished and both loved to travel and spend time together. In 2001, Dr. Teran moved to Austin, Texas for work while also applying to residency and although difficult, they both continued a long distance relationship. In 2002, Dr. Teran proposed marriage and Ardiana’s response was ‘YES.’ After moving to Austin, Dr. Teran had the opportunity to work in South Florida and moved back. They got married in December 2003 and found out that Dr. Teran matched for residency in El Paso, Texas and they both moved to El Paso in 2004 for three years. While in El Paso, Dr. Teran completed residency and Ardiana completed nursing school. They both moved to Central Florida in 2007 and love it! Of course, they both love the bonus of being so close to many awesome theme parks. Living with the Teran’s are two adorable cats who think they rule their home but they love them anyway.