Why We’re Unique

Why our Orange is Unique?

Over the years working in the primary care and urgent care settings in Central Florida, I have sensed a lot of frustration from the patient’s perspective. Many complaints from patients were that they were not seen on a timely manner, lack of communication between them and provider and they were not able to be seen when they needed to. Some patients mentioned that sometimes it would take weeks to be seen in their primary care office. Even when they were able to be seen, it was not their primary care provider; it was either another physician or a physician extender, which increased chances of confusion and medical errors. I have learned that patients did not have much knowledge of their own medical condition and treatments. For example, they did not have the appropriate access to their medical records therefore not knowing what medications they were on and any allergies to certain medications. I decided to open Orange Doc Family Medicine to try and change this frustration by using a concept that works.

Ideal Medical practice(IMP) is that concept that I believe works. What is IMP? It is a mixture of extreme low overhead with high technology and topped off with an excellent physician –patient relationship. This relationship is established by increasing face to face time with the provider so that the patient can express their concerns and be listened to . A collaborative agreement and plan will be made by the provider and patient to optimize exceptional care.

Orange Doc Family Medicine chooses the IMP model because it creates an oasis in the midst of the frustration around us. It is a place where the Doctor and the Patient can take a deep breath and express their concerns and together try to find solutions. Orange Doc was the answer to my prayers so I can enjoy the practice of medicine in our way ( my way and patient’s way). I strongly believe in being passionate and having fun while taking care of my patients. I was practicing treadmill medicine before Orange Doc, along with others dictating how and what to do. I realized if I wanted to continue practicing medicine, I needed to get off the treadmill or factory line and make my Dream Practice.

I call it my dream practice because it is the way I envision to provide excellent care. When you arrive at my Orange you will be welcomed with a firm and sincere handshake.

I will look into your eyes and tell you what I think in an honest and truthful way. You won’t need to talk to the middle man or administrators, ” I am It baby!”