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Welcome to Orange Doc Family Medicine! Where we take great care of your medical needs.

It’s been several  years since we opened our doors at Orange Doc Family Medicine . We are looking forward to becoming the best local family and pediatric medical facility in Clermont to serve you and your loved ones. We continue to strive to give our best, compassionate and knowledgeable medical care. Please check out our growing photo gallery from start to finish and call today to book your appointment for your family’s medical needs. Come in and see why Our Orange Is Unique!!

20 Responses to Our New Office

  1. Cherie Moore says:

    I was your patient when you were with NTC. Are you going to accept insurance plans? So glad to see you back here.

    • Adolfo says:

      We will accept insurance plans. I am glad that you found me again.
      We are ( my wife and I ) so happy to open Orange Doc.

  2. Juanita Ramos says:

    It looks beautiful!!! The best of luck to you both, God bless. See you soon, please keep me posted!!!

  3. Mary C. Spalding, MD says:

    Hi, Adolfo. How proud I am of your great adventure. You will thrive, and Clermont is lucky to have you. Your office looks great. Tell me if you are setting up your practice as a patient centered medical home, and if your wife will be practicing with you.

    • Adolfo says:

      Hello Dr. Spalding.
      We are so happy to be here in Clermont. We have a very small office with EMDs as our EMR in the cloud. I am working in getting the practice
      as patient centered medical home. Ardiana become a pediatric nurse practitioner and she will be taking care of the small kids while I take care of the
      big ones. We just opened on 11/30/11. I am happy to hear from you. Adolfo

  4. So many of my patients have been excited when they heard of your return. You are an excellent physician and colleague, and the patients who I have referred to you in the past have come back raving about how wonderful you are – both medically as well as your personality and how you speak to them. Clermont is blessed to have you back. I know your practice will flourish!

    • Adolfo says:

      I really appreciate your kind comments about me. I really missed my patients in Clermont/Lake county. I am honored to be their doctor.
      I could not wait to go back to practice in Clermont.

  5. Maritherese Trimeloni-Alex says:

    My father and I just moved to Clermont and we chose Adolfo and Adriana as our doctor. Our first visit was wonderful! I have Iatrophobia (fear of doctors…I had to look that definition up!)and I found that Adolfo and Adriana took the time to listen to me and make me feel so comfortable. They even helped my BP come down to a reasonable number before I left the office. I was so happy and my husband and our daughter will be switching over as well soon. I highly recommend them…just give them a call.

    • Ardiana says:

      Thank you Maritherese for your kind comment. It was our pleasure meeting the both of you and making your doctor visit a different experience. We would be honored to take care of your entire family.
      Adolfo and Ardiana 🙂

  6. Marc Morel says:

    Congratulations on your new office. Can’t wait to see it in person. Good luck and God Bless.

  7. Crystal Campbell says:

    Receiving care at Orange Doc has been such a blessing for my entire family. This is the first time that I have felt that my every concern is addressed and not just brushed off. I never feel rushed and I can see and feel how truly compassionate both Ardiana and Dr. Teran are about their patients. The communication is amazing and I truly feel blessed about having access to such dedicated medical professionals.

  8. Dr.Teran and Ms. Ardiana are a wonderful team! They provide excellent care with the utmost care and extreme compassion. Dr. Teran makes a Medical plan for each patient with goals and just how to achieve and accomplish them.
    I’m so very happy to have found such a wonderful partnership and feel that they are truley concerned with my well being.
    In kindness,
    Jeanne Szymborski

  9. Coralee says:

    I have heard wonderful things about you. We have just moved in south of Leesburg and I need a doctor to follow some problems found right before i left NYS. I left a message. Hope to get in as new patient by Nov. 30, since I have to leave for a bit beginning of December. Hope to meet you soon. Coralee (I’m a senior with complete coverage AARP and medicare

  10. Congratulations for your new office, it looks beautiful. Good luck to you both.

  11. Karen Ainsworth says:

    I just moved to Central Florida and I had my first visit with Dr. Teran at Orange Doc today. I was so pleasantly surprised to find an office of friendly people and a caring physician who actually listened to me. I would recommend this office to you if you are new in the area or even if you are just looking for a positive healthcare visit. Thank you Dr. Teran for giving me one more reason to love Central Florida! Karen Ainsworth

    • Adolfo says:

      Thanks for your kind words regarding your visit to our clinic. I am glad you enjoyed your visit. We are passionate about the Orange Doc . I learned over the years, that listening to your patients is a big and important part of the diagnosis and treatment. Adolfo E. Teran, MD

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