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Now that we, the lovely Team at Orange Doc Family Medicine , have been opened now for 4 years, it has been an honor to take care of the health needs of all of our patients . We have opened our doors Monday-Friday which has been a great goal accomplishment for us. We continue to grow and give excellent medical care but keep that personal relationship with our patients. Although we will be growing , we will never loose site of a couple of main goals for our practice. 1. To keep that provider-patient relationship so that medical plans will be created with both parties. 2. We believe in open access and same day or next day appointments. 3. Exceptional medical care for our patients.


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  1. Rosa says:

    Thank you both for the excellent care you both provide me and my family. You are both a rare exception in the Medical business, you both have gone way beyond what Doctors these days will do for there patients. And for that I will always be grateful.

  2. mak says:

    Hello there,
    how can someone request an appt.? is it done by internet? or just phone calls?

    does the doctor have hospital privileges? and is it with Fla Hospital by any chance?

    does the doctor takes medicare, aetna pos insurances?

    thanks for your reply.

    I think this is a good idea and hopefully Fla would see more clinics in more areas.

    Good wishes, Mak

    • Ardiana says:

      You can request an appointment by calling. Once you are an established patient you will have access to Patient Portal and can request apps online. There are allowed times that are for online appointments. Our practice uses the hospitalist group at SouthLake hospital or wherever the patient prefers to go. We accept most insurance plans and it would be best to call to go over the different plans.
      Hope this answers your questions.

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